Daily writing – this time for real


In 2016, I will take a sabbatical from my teaching duties at City College of San Francisco, both to develop some new curriculum materials and to dedicate more time to my fiction.


My promise to myself – made public here (even if in a small way) – to write every single day of the sabbatical that I am physically able to.  A few caveats – I mean that I will write for projects close to my heart and not only for my job (although there is quite a bit of overlap there), and that the bar is low for both minimum time (10-15 minutes) and quality (no writing is too awful to count) – but emails and personal letters don’t count.

Yesterday I put over 6 hours into writing, working on the novel, so that was a good start.  Today is mostly about grading papers and exams and doing some holiday cooking – but I have some ideas about what I wrote yesterday so I’m going to put in 30 minutes at least, polishing that.

Here we go!  To my most productive year yet!


Image borrowed from Grays Harbor College Learning Center.


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